01 / FAST

We believe in instant access to conveyancing solutions. Why wait for the Solicitor to be open to deliver a quote? Be able to instruct a file and deliver the client care pack with all of the paperwork direct to your clients 24hrs a day 365 days a year.


Our Two Factor Authenticated environment enables our Solicitors to work on files whilst Brokers, Estate Agents, New Home Developers and clients can see what is happening in live time. Integrated messaging service, secure document exchange and file notes. We are making emails a thing of the past. 

03 / EASY

Clients, Brokers, Estate Agents and Developers have not required any form of training to use the system. It is simple to navigate, easy to use and provides absolute peace of mind for everyone involved in the transaction.


My Personal Conveyancer


As a firm of progressive solicitors, we believed that there was a better way to engage with our introducers to provide a better solution for clients.

We understood that Mortgage Brokers, Estate Agents and New Build Developers were tired of the delays often experienced by clients at the start of the journey and so we decided to improve things for eveyone.


Through the development and use of technology, we believed that there could be a better way of doing conveyancing. 


We wanted to avoid the need to wait for the post to arrive, to move away from unsecure email solutions and avoid clients having to pick up the phone to get in touch with us. 


We believed that there was a better way for the legal process of Moving Home, Remortgaging or Transferring Equity to be carried out.  So we made it happen.


Fast, Secure and Easy to use.

Need we say any more?

It's just how technology should be.

Our technology solution is saving time, adding more control, delivering certainty and reducing stress.

Don't take our word for it, experience it for yourself.


Our Personal Touch

After all, we are still a 'People Business'.  So, to ensure that all of your clients get the best experience when seeking conveyancing services, we provide you with a member of our team who will engage with each of your clients soon after they have received a quote. You and your customers will hear from them as often as required. They will become an extension of your own team.


Our aim is to help you speed up pipeline conversion by getting your clients in the hands of a conveyancing expert as early as possible in the transaction. 


If you are an estate agent talking about conveyancing at the point of valuation, then we are there to support those best practices and get each client Legally Prepared / Contract Ready, or whatever term you prefer, so that contracts can go out within 24hrs of a sale being agreed.  It is never too early to talk about conveyancing, even with buyers out viewing properties for the first time (at least you'll know who is serious about buying or selling).

Our technology enables you to seamlessly deliver legal costs to your clients, in their homes or out on viewings.  Our team will follow that up with a supportive call to see how we can help them further.  If you are earning a referral fee (your choice) we aim to ensure that whether you win the instruction to sell or not, we secure the conveyancing for you.

We will even provide you with an online conveyancing solution for your website. This helps you to engage with site visitors, capture the details of those prospective customers getting quotes for sales, purchases, re-mortgages and transfer of equity. We follow them up for the conveyancing whilst supporting the needs of your business too. IFA's can capture mortgage work and estate agents capture hot Vendors and Purchasers. 

The best bit is, IT'S FREE!!


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